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About Us
Quality Work, Quality People

Our team was established in 1999 and has developed into a strong, highly dedicated, and professional team that mainly specializes in providing bilingual translation, editing, proofreading, DTP services for clients worldwide. Our team comprises more than 100 professional English to Chinese translators, 15 Japanese to Chinese translators, 8 Korean to Chinese translators, 20 German to Chinese translators, 9 Italian to Chinese translators, 5 Spanish to Chinese translators, 15 French to Chinese translators that all specialize in most fields, especially in medical, pharmaceutical, biology, chemistry, IT, engineering, software localization, website localization, financial, legal, online poker gambling, games, tourism & automobile etc.

Most of these translators have corresponding translation certificates, which enable us to provide the most accurate translations for our clients. In addition, all of us possess the utmost responsibility, professionalism, and strong learning initiative, which collectively ensure that we can provide quality work at any time.

Our Services

Translation: (Native Target)

English <> Chinese performed by the EngChin Teams*
Japanese > Chinese performed by the JapChin Team
Korean > Chinese performed by the KorChin Team
German > Chinese performed by the GerChin Team
Italian > Chinese performed by the ItaChin Team
French > Chinese performed by the FrnChin Team
Spanish > Chinese performed by the SpnChin Team

EngChin Teams* - We have 3 English to Chinese teams with more than 100 English to Chinese colleagues.

EngChin Team A
There are 30 English to Chinese colleagues including translators, editors, and proofreaders. They are specialized in IPO prospectuses, annual reports, circulars, announcements, fund manager's reports, market commentaries, and other financial documents.

EngChin Team A’s Sample Work List

Initial Public Offerings
Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. - H Shares [Stock code: 8197]; BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd. [Stock code: 2388]; PME Group Ltd. [Stock code: 379]; Pan Sino International Holdings Ltd. [Stock code: 8260]; Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd. - H Shares [Stock code: 694]; Hainan Meilan International Airport Co. Ltd. - H Shares [Stock code: 357]; Sino Golf Holdings Ltd. [Stock code: 361]; I-Wood International Holdings Ltd. [Stock code: 162]; Shenzhen EVOC Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. - H Shares [Stock code: 8285].

Annual Reports
Beijing Capital [Stock code: 2868]; China Velocity [Stock code: 149]; Capital Prosper [Stock code: 1003]; Capital Estate [Stock code: 0193]; Greater China Holdings Ltd. [Stock code: 141]; Fortuna International Holdings Ltd. [Stock code: 530]; Keck Seng [Stock code: 184]; Gucco Group [Stock code: 053].

EngChin Team B
There are 40 English to Chinese freelancers including translators, editors, and proofreaders that work from home. They are specialized in medical, pharmaceutical, biology, chemistry, IT, engineering, software localization, website localization, financial & legal documents etc.

EngChin Team B’s Sample Work List

IT & Engineering/Construction/Software localization/Websites

1. FLEXCUBE CASA (Current Accounts and Savings Accounts) Manual
2. Intel Desktop Board D845GVSH Technical Product Specification
3. Office_2003_QRG_v9 Chinese Trad
4. Functions of External Interface and Channel Management (Partner Management) System
5. Proposal of Organization and Human Resource Planning of CMCC
6. PLC programmable lifting signal system of Zhida Automation Co., Ltd
7. World Windsurf Championship in Caribbean
8. Operating Instructions of Wireless Communication of KTLll0 Type Shaft Mines / Signal Base Station
9. Instructions for Sandwich Toaster
10. Project Specifications of QGEWC (WNA) Water Supply Works
11. Construction Scheme of Equipment Hoisting of the First Stage 30MW Project of Toli 100MW Wind Farm in Xinjiang Province
12. Quality assurance in UK higher education
13. Invitation Letter for Design
14. HSE Management System
15. The Phenomenon of Constancy of Light Velocity Should be Verified Again
16. Brief Introduction of the Beijing SONICOM Network System Co., Ltd
17. Technical Instructions for the Wireless Video Monitoring Project of Tanzania
18. Micron PAR Process Descriptions
19. Website localization of various Renold Chain Products
20. Commitments for Safety & Emergency Measures
21. Brief Introduction of Geared-down Motor Products
22. Instructions for Electronic Piano
23. Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China (Code for Design of Buildings and Structures of Coal Preparation Plant)
24. Report of LNG Receiving Terminal Project
25. Risk Management Structure of Xiangcai Securities
26. Requirements on Staffing of Supervision Personnel
27. Brief Introduction of Investment Projects of Hei Longjiang Provincial No.854 Farm
28. MAN Starts in the Dakar Rally 2006 & MAN starts the “MAN Truckers’World” drivers’club
29. Business Analogy Subsystem & Switch Subsystem & System Architecture of INDOPAY Switch Processing Center
30. Mixed Client Server and Peer to Peer System
31. Introduction of P2P module
32. Ashland Nanjing Press Release
33. HAZMAT White Paper
35. Measurement and Analysis on the Temperature Field of Rotational Symmetrical Flame Using Laser Holographic Interferometry
36. HP NonStop servers
37. Website localization of (Financial)
38. Large volume of Capital Verification Report

Medical & Pharmaceutical/Biology & Chemistry Projects

1. Instruction manual of Ambu® Laryngeal Mask – Reusable / sdlx format.
20,000 words
2. Manuals of CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System. 90,000 words
3. Instruction manuals of Wolf medical devices. 500,000 words
4. Instruction manuals of BioSign® Mono, BioSign™ ChlamydiaⅡ, StatusFirst® TnI, Bordetella pertussis IgA etc /word documents.
100,000 words
5. VBS Bond User Manual/ word & excel documents, dejavux format.
90,000 words
6. Instruction for use Toxoplasma IgM Reagent Pack, CalKIt30, THC Reagent etc. About 20,000 words by now
7. CellCept® (mycophenolate mofetil) Use in Combination with Tacrolimus, 12th Periodic Safety Update Report for Xeloda (capecitabine), Periodic Safety Update Report for Cellcept & Herceptin etc. 500,000 words
8. Progressive EIAs and MIFAs for Chlamydia pneumoniae detection etc.
10,000 words
9. Summary of Pharmaceutical Research Data. 20,000 words
10. A multi-center phase III randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study of the cancer vaccine Stimuvax® (L-BLP25 or BLP25 liposome vaccine) in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) subjects with unresectable stage III disease/ Word documents. 30,000 words
12. A Phase II Study of PS-341 (NSC 681239) in Patients with Untreated or Relapsed Mantle Cell Lymphoma/ PDF documents. 150,000 words
13. Integrated Biology Solutions/ word documents. 10,000 words
14. Endurocide MSDS China etc./word documents. 30,000 words
15. CO2 Pro System Manual /PDF document. 7,000 words
16. MassTrak™ Systems of Waters Corporation. 3000 words

EngChin Team C
There are more than 30 quality English to Chinese translators in Team C. They are specialized in other fields such as Poker, Gambling, Tourism, Business, Engineering, Product Manuals & chemical etc.

EngChin Team C’s Sample Project Lists

English > Chinese Project Names

English > S Chinese Ansaldobreda’s Bidding Project in China
English > S Chinese Poker/Gambling (80,000 words)
English > S Chinese Poker/Gambling
English > S Chinese COSMOPROF Beauty Exhibition ShangHai
English > S Chinese 测量仪器
English > S Chinese GF Future Co., Ltd Brochure
English > S Chinese St. Helens Council Brochure
English > S Chinese Boston Public Library
English > S Chinese 腹部及骨盆的RMN检验
English > S Chinese Haier Product Manual
English > S Chinese UK Travel Guide (20,000 words)
English > S Chinese Sales Contract
English > T Chinese Curves Ads
English > T Chinese Travel Guide England
English > T Chinese Patient Case Study
English > T Chinese Breast Cancer Physician File
English > T Chinese XXX immigration services
English > T Chinese SteelVine™ Storage Processors
English > T Chinese 漏洞详细资料
English > T Chinese VPPE Strategic Equity Presentation
English > T Chinese H5N1 Vaccine Study
English > T Chinese NR-B362M_ADD (refrigerator) Manual
English > T Chinese TV Manual
English > T Chinese Car Radio/CD/MP3
English > T Chinese Bosch Manual
English > T Chinese Mitsubishi Manual
English > Cantonese Motorcar Helmet

Other Projects Sample

JWC (Hong Kong)
80,000 words English > T Chinese (IT / Software – completed on 20.11.2006)

100,000 words English > S Chinese (Medical - completed on 17.11.2006) (Korea)
50,000 words Korean > S Chinese (Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, completed on 17.10.2006)

E-Kern Translation (Germany)
60,000 words German > T Chinese (Mechanical - completed on 29.9.2006) (Italy)
50,000 words Italian > S Chinese (Mechanical & Chemical - completed on 30.8.2006)

50,000 words Arabic > S Chinese (Journalism - completed on 20.9.2006)

Publicis Blueprint UK
50,000 words English > T Chinese (UK Travel Guide - completed on 23.7.2006)

China Interface UK
50,000 words English > S Chinese & Cantonese (& Proofread) (Patient Guide - completed on 1.6.2006)

999 Group China
150,000 words English > S Chinese (Medical - completed on 22.4.2006)

Nibco (USA)
50,000 words English > T Chinese (Product Manual - completed on 26.3.2006)
80,000 words English > S Chinese (Casino Games - completed on 22.3.2006)

Baker Hughes (UK)
150,000 words English > S Chinese (Oil Field Agreement - completed on 3.3 2006)

Decoro (Italy)
50,000 words Italian > S Chinese (Sofa - Completed on 28.2.2006)

Archos (France)
100,000 words French > S Chinese (MP4 Manual - completed on 21.2.2006

BMW (Germany)
50,000 words English > S Chinese (Shanghai Project - completed on 2.2.2006)

Sony (Japan)
120,000 words Japanese > S Chinese (Product Manual - completed on 16.1.2006)

EngChin Team Quality Control Process

1. Pre-analysis on translation projects: we will perform translation analysis before starting any translation projects, in order to find the most suitable persons to perform the translation and to search for the related terminology, reference materials, and other helpful sources.

2. Translation: After that, we’ll select the most suitable candidates to start the work, in which we will provide them with clear instructions, a TM/glossary, reference materials etc. During the translation process, we will monitor their translation progress and will always ask them to deliver batch-to-batch in order for us to check the overall quality.

3. Editing/proofreading: After the translation, our editor/proofreader will perform the editing/proofreading work in order to check the quality of original translation and for quality feedback to be sent me. The editor/proofreader will be responsible for improving the accuracy, fluency, grammar, spelling, consistency of translation etc.

4. Formatting/DTP: After that, the DTP specialist will perform the necessary formatting/DTP work to ensure that the layout of the translation is completely the same as that of the original text.

5. Final review/QA: The last step is the final review/QA,. The quality, translation style, and layout of the final texts are always checked, in which we make all of the necessary revisions on the final texts to ensure the utmost quality. If our clients request for us to perform QA (usually localization projects), we can also provide a QA report to them.

Computer Software & CAT
• AMD2800+64/512M Memory/120G Hard Disk/200kbps download speed/180kbps upload speed/online 24 hours/Scanner/Printer

• Tradors 6.5/Dejavux/wordfast/Star transit/SDLX2005/Quarkpress6.5/Dry.eye 2005 professional/Oxford E-C Dictionary/Collins Dictionary/Office 2003/Acrobat7.0 Professional/ACDSee 7.0/photoshopCS10.0/11.0/CS2 /adobe InDesign/Illustrator/After Effects/ Encoder DVD 2/Macromedia Dreamveaver/Macromedia Freehand/ Alchemy Catalyst 5.0/Visual Localize/Passolo 5.0/Multilizer

Project List (Over 50,000+ words)
Our Clients

Carl Zeiss, PCCW HongKong, Bosch, Panasonic, Sony, BMW, Decoro, Nibco, Ansaldobreda, Charles Stanley, Archos,,, Baker Hughes, Johnson & Johnson, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc., Bond System, Spacelabs Medical, GE Health Group, The DXR group, Agilent Technologies, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Waters Corporation, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Vision BioSystems Ltd, Ambu, Accuray Incorporated, RICHARD WOLF GmbH, Ashland, Clariant, JPMC, ING Bank, Bank of China, SAP, HP, Corel, SUN Corporation, Cisco, Howstuffworks etc.
Price List

English <> Chinese USD0.06 ~ 0.08/source word
Japanese > Chinese USD0.06 ~ 0.08/source word
Korean > Chinese USD0.06 ~ 0.08/source word
German > Chinese USD0.06 ~ 0.08/source word
Italian > Chinese USD0.06 ~ 0.08/source word
French > Chinese USD0.06 ~ 0.08/source word
Spanish > Chinese USD0.06 ~ 0.08/source word

Notes: The above rates are only for reference. Discounts are applicable for large projects. Additional fees will be applicable for urgent and cumbersome projects.